Introduction: Welcome


Welcome to the installation manual for JShop Server. This manual will take you through the process of installing JShop Server for the first time on your web server. Some basic procedures need to be followed in order to install JShop Server and the following facilities will be required by the installation process:


An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client through which you can upload the JShop Server files to your web server.
You will require your web hosting server's database connection details and database name. If you have not already done so, most hosting control panels provide the facility to setup a mySQL database, and choose the username and password. You need to note these details down.
The path to your files on the server. Each hosting account has a full server path, a path to all the files on that hosting account. If you do not know what your full server path is your hosting company will be able to tell you what it is.


You will not require any in-depth PHP knowledge or mySQL administration knowledge in order to perform the installation.


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